About NgispeN – ‘Playing With Tradition’
NigispeN is a new Dutch brand founded by Gispen. Our collection is mainly targeting the domestic market but also suitable for the project market.For more information and the full NgispeN story please visit our main website HERE


Richard Hutten has earned a reputation with his unique, playful concepts like No sign of design and Table upon table, with which he also made his international name. From the start, Hutten was involved in Droog Design, becoming one of the leading exponents of Dutch Design. With his clear and often comic designs, he is seen as one of the present-day leading designers

Dick van Hoff (1972) a versatile product designer with a strong feeling for material and form with an explicit love of industrial and traditional techniques. Using ‘industrial tailored work’ he looks for identifiable and honest designs, the result: understandable utensils.
Designs by Van Hoff can be found in various museum collections, including Boijmans van Beuningen.

Wiro van Wilsteren – has over 25 years experience in the area of product design. This interest in the interaction between man and his environment and curiosity about other cultures led to the realization of his designs. Ultimately it’s these designs that contribute to a healthier environment. His WV-01 Table shows the pedigree of his work and sits comfortably with the classic Rietveld Mondial Chair

James Irvine – James graduated from Kingston Polytechnic Design school (1981 BA) and the Royal College of Art (1984 MA). In 1984 he moved to Milan as a design consultant under the direction of Michele de Lucchi and Ettore Sottsass. In 1988 he opened a private design studio. His design studio in Milan is working with various internationally renowned companies his latest product is the Blaster chair.

Zus – is an architecture firm in Rotterdam. Projects include a waterfront park along the Huangpu River for World Expo 2010 in Shanghai; the park Printemps à Grand Bigard in Brussels; and the Spiegelzee exhibition pavilion, a temporary structure designed to travel to various locations on the Dutch coast. Their “Happy Sheep” collection are a fun and quirky addition to the Ngispen portfolio.

W. H. Gispen – Industrial Designer, Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890-1981), specialized in wrought iron and ornamental metalwork. His vision was to carry his designs to the Office Furniture world and so began the inception of Gispen in 1916. His iconic designs are still in production and have stood the test of time the Gispen 412 chair designed in 1934 being a classic example.

Maarten Baas – Born in Arnsberg, Germany in 1978, graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2002. His graduation works were ‘Smoke’, which is now considered an iconic collection of contemporary design by museums, critics, collectors and the design-informed public.
NgispeN produce his “More or Less” chair a serial production of 50 subtly different designs.

Jerszy Seymour – Canadian Jerszy Seymour grew up in London, where he studied engineering and then industrial design at the Royal College of Art 1991 – 1993. Whilst living in Milan he started his own experimental projects including ’House in a Box’, ’Scum’ and the clothing concept ‘Tape’ in 2002-3. His “Amateur Masters” chair and armchair are in the NgispenN portfolio.

Gerit Rietveld – Rietveld designed his famous Mondial Chair in 1958. Hoping that much of his furniture would eventually be mass-produced rather than handcrafted, Rietveld aimed for simplicity in construction. In 1918, he started his own furniture factory, and changed the chair’s colors from influence by the ‘De Stijl’ movement, of which he became a member in 1919, in which year he also became an architect.

Jurgen Bey – The goal of Jurgen and his studio is to entice a new design culture by showing new alternatives through critical design. Experiment, doubt and a hodgepodge way of thinking are crucial to disclose hidden values and stories. The Stubborn chair is an incarnation of this ethos.

Wim Rietveld – the youngest son of the famous and pioneering architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld. At Gispen, Wim Rietveld succeeded W.H. Gispen, as a designer. The “663 Cabinet” is typical of his work, he designed together with Andre Cordemeijer and was awarded with a gold medal at the 10th Milan Triennale in 1954.

Ontwerpers.nu – Actively designing. Ontwerpers creates new designs constantly. A company, firmly rooted in the present, they are working on a new future. Increasingly skilled and with dutch mentality, they deliver visionary objects, furniture and products. The “Cleanroom” chair is a simple solution and a beautiful design.